Opening the Portal

You are not your past. You create yourself in every present moment .

What are you most passionate about? Sports? Your favorite TV show? Creating DIY projects? Growing succulents? Whatever it is, when you talk about it, your passion shows. It shows up on your face, your body movements, and your energy. That’s exactly what happens when I teach intuitive painting.

There’s a magic moment every single time where the switch flips on in my client’s heads – and I live for that moment. The brightness turns on, the beautiful present radiates; and at that moment, the person becomes an infinite possibility. Because they BELIEVE. They see themselves differently, and as a result, they show up differently – in their posture, speech, and their energetic vibe.

My painting process is simple. In fact, the people that benefit the ‘most’ from the process are the people that have absolutely no artistic training! That’s right – those souls are not already “programmed” to believe that art is a product rather than a process. Don’t misunderstand – this process works for everyone; but I’ve found that professional and working artists (or even closet artists) must first get past the perfectionism into the flow of letting it go – and then the portal opens and the infinite possibilities begin to pour in.

I want to share with you some of the beautiful art created by some of the beautiful people I’ve had the honor to work with:

Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

To be Guided by Debby – whether you are seeking personal transformation, want to explore and heal family karma, or create your next piece of intuitive art – check out the Emergent Guide offerings.

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