Couple Quest




It’s the ULTIMATE date night!

Travel on a Quest with heART to clarify your dreams, goals, and visions – and create an artwork that represents them! What do you want to create more of in your life together? What vision or goal do you want to ‘rise into’ together? Join me as you incorporate more of what you want in your life into a finished painting/mini quest – – TOGETHER.

Clear-set goals clarify focus and direction. When a couple joins together to create a COUPLE QUEST painting, they reclaim the magic, mystery and creative focus to illuminate and strengthen their path!

The canvas can be a powerful vision board tool when words, intentions, and symbols are painted together in a finished artwork. NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE is required or necessary! This 5-layered painting process is so easy, anyone can succeed!

This quest includes:

– Downloadable PDF with instant access to all class videos

– 2 hours of painting instruction spread out over 5 video sessions

– Recommended supply list

– PDF of common symbols and meanings


This course is yours to keep forever – and create on your own time. How about a series of date nights, where you create a layer at a time?! The possibilities are endless!


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