From fear to fearLESS: A heART Journey of Courage


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I’ve helped thousands of people move from FEAR to fearLESS, and if you’re looking for a tool to help begin your healing and put you on a path to confidently grow, this short course is IT!

I don’t just teach pie in the sky. I’ve lived, gone through, and healed from being in fear all of the time, to confidently being able to walk a life of courage.

In this hour-long course, I guide you through:

– An short, gentle guided meditation

– Identifying and naming fears

– Gaining clarity around what you want to confidently rise into and manifest in your life

– Pushing past perfectionism to create the life you want, not the one you thought you’d been handed

– Expert artistic instruction

Here’s a testimonial from a recent participant:

“I’m not gonna lie Debby Stroud, this one was tough. Write down what I’m afraid of. Smear paint around and unload the perfectionism. Scribble and doodle. Cover it all up. Make wings. Write positive affirmations. Talk about out of my comfort zone! I truly had some anxiety for a minute – but I kept saying, “Babe, you’ve got this” (like you say all the time) THANK YOU for your subtle push into bravery!” ~CS

I teach spiritual and personal transformation through a simple layered process.

Use a journal or canvas and use what you have on hand. Nothing is impossible. ALL things are accessible if you believe they are.


The Journey of MORE.


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