Art Meets Energy Medicine: Manifesting a Multitalented Future! (Paper Star Workshop)




Are you multitalented? Do you get the question over and over – “Is there ANYTHING you can’t do?” Yep. So do I. Your multitalented self CAN and SHOULD be celebrated.

Here’s the thing: Society (most people) don’t know how to handle us! Sometimes our energy intimidates people, sometimes we flit from one thing to another because we crave knowledge, and sometimes…we can feel like we are on a hamster wheel, spinning and working but going nowhere.

In this Art Meets Energy Medicine Workshop, we will explore 5 reasons why your desires are not yet your reality. Multitalented, talented, or untalented – however you perceive yourself, this workshop is for you if you feel like you’re going nowhere fast.

The process is simple. We’ll identify the areas that may be holding you back, do an energetic clearing/cord cutting if needed, then infuse energy and intention into beautiful sculptural stars you can hang in your home, studio, or office – OR give as gifts!

Join me for the workshop on Thursday, December 8 at 7 pm EST via Zoom. During the workshop I’ll teach you how to fold, cut and construct a beautiful sculptural paper star that can be displayed for celebrations, holidays, or a bit of happiness and manifestation any day!

You’ll also receive:

  • A PDF of instructions with visual images

  • A recording of the workshop to access at any time

  • Recommendations for making different size stars with different textures and papers

The ease in which this process can be done will surprise you! Join me for a fun, laid back workshop to and let’s manifest your amazing, multitalented future!


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