Visual Arts Bellringer COVID EDITION_Social Justice




Another 22 weeks of Visual Arts Bellringers in a fully editable PPT file has arrived! Take the guesswork out of what to do the first 10 minutes of class while you’re taking attendance, etc. One artwork is featured per week, and the accompanying handout corresponds with each day. Easy to grade and easy for students to self-start! This method incorporates math, critical skills, evaluating, judging, vocabulary, and wraps up the week with a short critique on every artwork.

This edition of bellringers is called the COVID edition. The collection features mostly contemporary/current artworks – from Banksy to Kehinde Wiley, street art to oil portraits, that deal with social justice issues in our world right now. The intent is to foster metacognition in students to think about their own self-efficacy and the role that art plays in persuasion/protest.

This edition includes 22 weeks, 5 days per week of bellringer work.


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