Emerge: MEtanoia: The Quest of ME

For those who want to become aware of, heal, and clear feelings, emotions, and perceptions to envision, love, and embody your TRUE YOU.

METANOIA: (n) Greek – . The journey of profoundly changing someones heart, mind, and way of life.

From the earliest recollections of myself, I didn’t measure up. My hips weren’t curvy, I had a double chin, and my legs…well – lacking. Been there? Most people have. Where do those thoughts come from? There are a myriad of sources; from the time we are born, we soak up information like a sponge from our environment, parents, caregivers, friends, culture, and society. You may not be able to look into the mirror because you intensely dislike what you see. Maybe you like ‘parts’ of you, but other parts you’ve labeled “unlovable”.

Spiritual gurus often speak of creating sacred space. When we are able to shift our perception and learn to see our bodies/selves for the beautiful temples that they are – we begin to embody our sacred temple within. What is manifested in our OUTER world is the reflection of our INNER world. The quest of MEtanoia journeys inside to make peace and heal our shadow selves, to see the darkness we have resisted and hardened to – and will release, like the layers of an onion, everything that no longer serves us. THEN we are able to authentically step into more of who we are – and less of who we are not.

The truth is, whatever we do not heal, we repeat with the next generation. And the next. And the next. Maybe you’re caught up in the cycle -but you don’t know how in the world to stop the cycle from continuing.

We didn’t get to the place we are now overnight. From the stories we’ve been told since birth – to the stories we play on continuous loops inside our heads…all of them create our present reality.

Debby Stroud, Emerge Guide™

Maybe you find yourself reacting instead of responding.

Maybe you feel caught in your own unending loop of dreaming wistfully of what ‘could be’ your life but you’re stuck and frustrated. Maybe…the travel agent of guilt trips is your own voice playing in your head when you look in the mirror – and the corrupted loop keeps telling you allll the things they’ve said to you or about you –

And maybe you’re like I used to be – looking at others who are successful, or are ‘beautiful’ and wishing you had what they have. Finding yourself ALWAYS coming up short.

Here’s the thing: You CAN –

  • Love every part of you, even the ones you currently HATE or deem ‘unlovable’.
  • Experience the most amazing relationships.
  • Feel confident, happy, and free when you look in the mirror instead of feeling defeated, sad, and stuck.
  • Overcome hurdles that hold you back from achieving and really living.
  • Enjoy the wonderful life you dream about.

You don’t have to stay where you are.

You can live the life you want.

You don’t have to settle.

The continuous loops, all of the emotions and feelings – are a part of you. And it is possible to accept and integrate them – and they MUST be integrated in order to re-deal your life cards and change the rules of the game in your favor.

You CAN experience self-love. Low confidence runs in your family, you say? Well – it can RUN OUT with you.

YOU are in charge of your destiny and you can experience more of anything in life that you want. 

Create a new story for yourself. Create your new reality. Make the decision to heal – and in turn, all generations after you won’t carry the baggage of low self-love you carry now. Together, let’s tear up that ticket to the guilt, shame, and blame train for good.

I combine visual arts with neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) inspired techniques and spirituality and the result is a ‘portal’ of sorts. It’s a magical portal where you open yourself to infinite possibility – and in that space, ANYTHING is possible. Healing is natural. And through this eight-week group program, you will reveal the shadows, reframe your mind, and rewriting the rules of your life.


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Phase 1/ What You Think You Know Has Got To GO: Self-Awareness in FIRE - Click Here

May we all be brave enough to allow [self] love to transform us forever. ~Elizabeth Gilbert

In Phase 1, we will work extensively with the element of FIRE. Fire burns away the facade so we can begin to see ourselves clearly. In Phase 1, we will:

Experience the fire of transformation: Reignite the fire of your dreams.

Clear anger/fear/anxiety/guilt/shame using NLP inspired techniques

What are my values? (Value elicitation) Explore your individual value systems and beliefs: Are they lining up with how you’re living your life? If not, “Houston, we have a problem!” We will make crystal clear your values and learn to line them up with every area of your life.

Explore self-awareness of our thoughts: Are these mine? Or are these stories that I have written over time that someone else told me or implied to me? Why do I think this way? Are they our own voices, or someone else’s? Family or origin, community, school, culture, group, friend? 

Dismantle socialization and conditioning: The basics of letting go of the need for external validation

Efficacy vs Worth (self-esteem); The six pillars of self-esteem: practical/personal


Freedom vs. Expectation – Dynamic vs. Static 

Chakra Clearing 

Boundaries: Beginning to find your voice

SOUL GRAFFITI: You’ll experience NEWfound freedom of letting go of perfectionism, should’s, could’s, and have to’s – by fully embracing my ‘Soul Graffiti’ easy layered painting techniques! The inner portal of self will open and you will be amazed at what emerges!

Phase 2 / ReDesigning You: Self-Knowledge and Acceptance with AIR - Click Here

Who Am I Being? How Am I Showing Up?

In Phase 2, we build upon the self-awareness of Phase 1. The element of air is dynamic, moving, and fans the fire of transformation to create NEW thoughts, new pathways, and more of who you authentically are.

We will deep dive into Anger : Blame vs responsibility

Fear and Fears inventory elicitations

We will re-frame and de-frame fight-or-flight mechanisms

Dissolving Guilt vs. Shame 

Thought pattern interrupts using NLP

Telling the truth; hearing the truth and Chain of Meaning Elicitations that will change the way you think and the stories you tell yourself

Chakra Healing – Sutras, Colors,  and Vibrations

Flexible vs permeable vs hard boundaries.

The second layer of SOUL GRAFFITI will continue to open up your intuitive portal of self – the part of you that is infinite possibility!

Phase 3 /Your Blueprint: Grounded, Mindful, and Connected In Earth - Click Here

Grounding and Mindfulness

Responding vs, Reacing

Respect: ALL the things

Admitting  your Desires (to yourself)

Articulating your Desires (to yourself and others)

Healthy Communication – Agreements and aligning values

Expressing your Desires (to others) and letting go of the need to control the outcome

  • If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got. ~Einstein
  • Be the JOY that you fight for.

Phase 4 /Stepping into Connection - Flow, Trust, Manifest in Water - Click Here

Trusting in yourself, connecting to Divine Flow

Vulnerability and Forgiveness – the highest forms of self-love

3 phases of gratitude – and making space to invite beautiful things into your life

The Power in establishing a Ho’oponopono Practice

Concrete steps toward your dreams – manifesting basic to advanced

Fully step into Self / Spirit: Flow, Trust.. 

Manifest: How to CONTINUE to stand in and wield your creative power especially after our time together

Your sacred daily practice

Open yourself up to the infinite possibility that is YOU!


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It’s Complimentary