Emerge: Personal Transformation

For those who want to do the deep work that will provide lasting, stable, permanent change.

For those who want to do the deep work that will provide lasting, stable, permanent change. Dive deep into how you relate to yourself and respond to the events in your life; reframe, rewire, and rewrite thoughts, patterns and your life path through the journey of Metanoia: The Journey to Your Soul.

“Behold a sacred voice is calling you; All over the sky a sacred voice is calling.”  

      Black Elk

There is a realm beyond the physical senses. It’s a realm of mystery and spirit. It’s an infinite and eternal dimension that transcends form and goes beyond time and space.

Early biblical prophets who walked alone into the desert to fast and pray, Native Americans setting out into the wilderness to search for a vision, and thousands of others have searched for this domain.

The pursuit of that inner world beyond physical reality is one of humankind’s oldest traditions. Though many of the old ways have been forgotten, there remains a means by which anyone can step through the crack between two worlds and enter mystical dimensions.

Metanoia is the word I use to describe this journey. It is from the Greek and means “a transformative change of heart or thinking, most of the time from a profound spiritual experience”.

This journey of Metanoia is a journey to the center of your soul. Your body is a temple, a beautiful sacred site. This sacred site is within, and what is manifested in our outer world is the reflection of our inner world.

What I have created is a new way of bringing those sacred ancient practices into being by:

  • Working with the energy of the four elements  to cut the strings of all the things that have held you back up until now: Revealing, Releasing, Clearing, and ReDesigning your personal blueprint.
  • Using NLP (neuro-linguistic inspired techniques, you will reconnect with your deep dreams and gain newfound tools to manifest and get you where you want to be. 
  • Using Intuitive Painting Practices as an divine message portal from your Higher Self/ Source/Spirit.
Phase 1 - What You Think You Know Has Got To Go: Revealing and Releasing with FIRE

Reigniting the fire of our dreams – Experiencing the fire of transformation

Clear anger/fear/anxiety/guilt/shame using TLC (time line clearing)


Blame vs responsibility


Fear inventory

De-framing fight-or-flight  (they need to realize they are not gonna die)


Chain of meaning 

Telling the truth; hearing the truth

Chakra Healing

Phase  2 - ReDesigning You: The Element of AIR

Value Systems, Beliefs

Efficacy vs Worth (self-esteem); practical/personal

You can have what you want. You are worthy of it

Freedom vs. Expectation – Dynamic vs. Static 

Boundaries: Finding your voice

Flexible vs permeable vs hard boundaries

Phase 3 - Your Blueprint - Grounded, Mindful, Connected: The EARTH element

Grounding and Mindfulness

Responding instead of reacting

Admitting  your Desires (to yourself)

Articulating your Desires (to yourself

Healthy Communication

Expressing your Desires (to others)

Finding your sweet spot to Divine Connection

Phase 4 - Stepping into SELF - Flow, Trust, Manifest: The Element of Water

3 phases of gratitude

A Ho’oponopono Practice

Concrete steps toward your dreams

Fully step into Self / Spirit: Flow, Trust.

Manifest: Stand in and wield your creative power

Your sacred daily practice

Your Next Step

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