Wedding Officiating

It’s your Wedding Ceremony! Make it one you LOVE!

Hi! I’m Debby! I’m the most down-to-earth, easy going, flexible officiant you’ll ever meet, and I love what I do.

I offer personalized officiating services and ceremonies from Traditional, Themed, Religious, Spiritual, or Non-Religious; a no-hassle, personalized ceremony to remember.

No church? No problem. Spiritual or not, I’ve got you covered. I’ve completed hundreds of ceremonies in different settings with hundreds of satisfied, happy couples!

How does the process work?

First, I’ll ask you to fill out a ceremony inquiry form. This helps me gain information and insight into what your needs are. Within 48 hours, I’ll provide you with a quote.

If you decide to procure my officiating services, I require a deposit to secure your ceremony date on my calendar. The deposit is 50% of your quote. The rest of the balance is due within 7 days of your ceremony date.

Then we will meet either by phone, zoom, or in person – so we can get to know each other and establish a comfortable relationship. I’ll ask you pertinent questions about your ceremony, many of which you’ve not even thought of! My goal is to uncover every stone and discuss every detail to provide a unique and special experience for you. I adapt to YOUR needs. I hear you. I see you. I want to know your love story and deliver a ceremony that you’ll remember the rest of your lives.

Do you have a script or do you personalize the wedding ceremony for each couple?  

Your ceremony will be a unique reflection of your love story and journey as a couple. I write a personal ceremony for each couple based on their wants and needs. You won’t get a ‘cookie cutter’ ceremony!

I officiate spiritual, non-spiritual, religious, non-religious, religious, non-denominational, commitments, elopements…whatever your dream for your ceremony is, we can make it happen!

Can we write our own vows? Will you help us with that?  
bride with bouquet and wedding vow in hands

Many couples want to speak from the heart at their ceremony. Your officiant should be able to help you put your feelings into words and guide you in crafting beautiful vows for one another, Rev. Jeffries said. “Of course, if you don’t want to write your own vows, they should also have an arsenal of choices and verbiage for your vows.”

How long is a typical ceremony?  
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Each officiant will have a different time range their ceremonies last, but should also be able to accommodate your preferences. This is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding officiant, as your expectations of your ceremony length may be wildly different than your chosen officiant’s.

How long have you been an officiant? How many weddings have you done?  
woman holding bouquet of flowers

Just as you would with any vendor, make sure to inquire how long your prospective hire has been an officiant and what type of marriage ceremonies they’ve performed. You’ll want an officiant who’s an expert at logistics and can handle even the most unexpected situations. If you need additional reassurance, simply ask for a list of references to check in with past couples. This is a common question to ask a wedding officiant, so anyone you’re considering should be happy to provide references—and you can read reviews on a site like WeddingWire

Do you do rehearsals?  

If you’re planning a wedding rehearsal, be sure to ask if your officiant will be able to attend and if they are comfortable taking the lead. While rehearsals are standard for some officiants, others prefer to leave logistics to the venue staff or wedding coordinator and attend only on the day-of.

What do you wear?  

Some officiants will dress in a traditional robe and stole, while others will wear a suit or dress. Your officiant should communicate what they’ll wear for your ceremony and in what color.

What time will you arrive at our ceremony?  

Don’t forget to discuss your officiant’s scheduled arrival time on the day-of and ensure it’s included in their contract

Do you offer premarital counseling? 

Even if your particular officiant doesn’t offer premarital counseling sessions, they should be able to point you to a trusted counseling service.

Will you fill out and file our marriage license? 

Make sure this is settled up front and that the officiant is prepared to handle the legal side of the wedding. Each state’s regulations differ so make sure you are also knowledgeable about what needs to be done with your paperwork,” Rev. Jeffries said. “Your officiant should be a professional who is familiar with your state’s laws on marriage licenses.”

What does your contract contain? 

Before signing the dotted line, have your officiant walk you through the contract in detail to thoroughly understand the service they’re providing.

What are your fees? 
calculator and notepad placed on usa dollars stack

While it might feel more awkward to discuss pricing with an officiant than with other vendors, this is still one of the most important questions to ask your wedding officiant. “Fees will vary by state and by the experience of your officiant. Remember, your ceremony should be the most important part of the day, and it’s what everyone is there to see,” Rev. Jeffries said. “With meetings, planning, writing, and performing on the day of the wedding, the officiant works for more than just the 30 minutes allotted for the ceremony. If you hire a professional expect to treat them the same way you would treat any other professional.”

Hey! What if I want to be licensed and ordained MYSELF to do weddings?

I’m so GLAD you asked!

I LOVE to share the things I’ve learned in my years as a licensed and ordained wedding officiant. If you’re interested in becoming licensed yourself and starting a business, you can make good money IF you know what to do and how to use technology to make your business efficiently flow. I’ve developed a self-paced course that will teach you everything you need to know to birth a successful wedding officiant business of your own for under $100 investment. It’s totally possible – I know, because I did it!