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Energy Healing: Cord Cutting, Room Home Energetic Clearings, Distance Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Healing Sessions, Chakra Clearing, and Reiki Attunements

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Authentic A-Z art instruction from a highly qualified teacher that will enhance complete the artist in you.

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Immerse yourself in the elements and experience profound life change.

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About Debby

Debby began the study of natural alignment healing 35 years ago. After finishing an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts at age 45 and a Masters in Gifted Education/Teacher Leadership at 50, she began to teach and heal, combining visual arts, spirituality, reiki, and other energy medicine modalities. Alongside a successful career as a public school arts educator, Debby has guided humans of all ages on healing and transformative creative journeys. In person, Debby is warn, upbeat, energetic, motivating - and speaks with a warm southern twang, but at her core - her true passion is healing and and helping people step into their true authentic selves.